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About Us

Independant Medical Specialists, LLC (IMS) is your choice for all your independant medical needs in any geographical location. Whether your case is Worker’s Compensation, Auto Liability, General Liability or Disability, we can assist. Our evaluators are experienced , and are Board Certified in their respective fields, including many with advanced IME Board Certifications.


Is paid to every examination we schedule. Knowledge of the case before it is scheduled ensures the examiner is the best choice within the medical specialty. Procurement and organization of medical records assures a more compressive and conclusive report. The need for addendums is greatly reduced.

Individual Attention


Maximizing Time

IMS’s meticulous workflow protocols and reminders systems ensure success at every step along the way. Our stringent quality control procedures such as, appointment notification, confirmation attendance, turnaround time and many other critical functions are key to our success.


Exceeding Expectations

Whether you have a deadline to meet or a complex case, you can be assured that your needs will be meet. Our report quality control assures that all of your questions are answered and addressed.

Each case is unique and we have experience working with Insurance Companies, Third Party Administrators, Defense Law Firms, Adjusters, and Nurse Case Managers.

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